Frequently Asked Questions

Can LED Flexible Strip be cut if it is too long?

Yes, the LED Flexible Strip can be cut if needed. To do this, make the necessary cut between the two copper points closest to the length that you require.

What is the cut out size for the D-Lux LED Downlights?


Can you adjust or turn off the PIR on a P-Lux LED Lantern?


Can you change the lamp in a D-Lux LED Downlight?

D-Lux LED Downlights are Chip On Board (COB) meaning that the downlight is lampless.

Are D-Lux LED Downlights supplied with drivers?

All D-Lux LED Downlights are sold complete with drivers. However, you can also purchase additional drivers as replacements or spares directly from us.

Can I purchase direct?

Yes. There are several ways you can purchase direct from Green Lighting, you can order via email on, by phone on 01905 610200 or you can order directly on our online shop which can be found on our website.