Different areas of bathrooms have different requirements for the IP Rating and are split into different bathroom zones accordingly.

Here we have a breakdown of the locations of different zones and an explanation of where we can use different fittings.

Zone 0

Inside the bath or shower – All fittings used in this zone must be rated at least IP67 (immersion proof) and be low voltage (12V or under).

Zone 1

Area above the bath or shower – To the height of 2.25m, all fittings must be rated at least IP45. For best practice, it is generally accepted that IP65 fittings (such as our D-Lux LED Downlights) are best fit for purpose, as these are required if water jets are being used.

Zone 2

Area 0.6m outside the perimeter of the bath and or shower – To the height of 2.25m, all fittings in this zone are required to be at least IP44. It is also considered good practice to consider the area around the wash basin as part of Zone 2, within the same radius.

Outside of Zones

Anywhere outside of zones 0, 1 and 2 – Here there are no special requirements for light fittings and therefore IP20 or greater will be sufficient.


Examples of Lights for Different Bathroom Zones

Zone 1

Zone 2

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