In this Lighting Explained blog we will be exploring the different types of lighting and where they are used. We will also give you examples of which products you could use.

Ambient Lighting

Otherwise known as general lighting, in its simplest form, this illuminates the area well enough to see comfortably, allowing you to navigate the room safety. Ideally, we desire our ambient light to be as flat and natural as possible.

Types of Ambient Lighting



Pendants and Chandeliers

Wall Lights


Task Lighting

This is a smaller more concentrated light, used to illuminate whatever you are working on. Any projects can need task lighting, in order to prevent eye strain from tasks such as reading, or injury in the case of activities like food preparation. Task lighting is most effective when used to brightly illuminate a small section of a more dimly lit room.

Types of Task Lighting

Table Lamps

Under Cabinet


Accent Lighting

Finally, we will look at light that is used to draw attention to a focal point in an area. This type of lighting is used to make a room aesthetically interesting, emphasising areas or items you wish to display. This decorative layer of light is often used to highlight artwork, plants and, in some cases, even the architecture itself.

Types of Accent Lighting

Picture Lights

Garden Lights

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