P-Lux LED Front Door Lanterns are a range of external light fittings designed and manufactured by Green Lighting to meet building regulations and to provide space and security lighting at the front of the home.


At the heart of a P-Lux LED Lantern is a digital LED driver and a Tri-Sensor technology package that senses light, temperature and movement.

This sensor monitors light level and will turn the lantern on when the light level falls below a certain level and then turn it off once it reaches a higher level.

This senses temperature and ensures that the range of the PIR stays consistent despite the change in external temperature.

PIR (Passive Infrared)
The PIR will detect movement using infrared and once movement has been detected will light the lantern up to fall brightness. For a more detailed explanation of a PIR and what it does, please read this blog post here.


Photocell controlled and PIR activated, the lantern will automatically come on at high level, then dim down after 60 seconds or last activation. At dawn the lantern will switch off automatically. For more details on how the P-Lux functions, please watch the video below;

P-Lux LED Front Door Lanterns Range

We have a range of 10 P-Lux Lanterns in different designs and in both 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel and Cast Aluminium.

In addition to our existing range we have also designed a new range specifically for coastal regions. These new lanterns will have the same market leading technology found our existing lanterns but will instead be made from polycarbonate, meaning corrosion issues faced by homeowners with metal lanterns in coastal regions will be a thing of the past! More information about the new range will be released in the coming months so keep a look out for that on our website.


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